#3) Gardening –Setting up your area

I forgot to post this from February! Pardon the out-of-order Garden posts. Here is number 3’s installation. You can check out the other garden posts by clicking the links at the end of this post. Go Garden!

Let’s get growing! In step 1 and 2 we talked about soil health, and that it is how you start that will determine the success of your gardening efforts. If you have good soil, add nutrients by composting, adding scraps to ground, encourage worms and top cover your soil with mulch. Congratulations you are on your way to seeing plants thrive!

Here is my son next to the walkway garden. The tangle of vines are sweet potatoes that have been growing for 2 years! They have survived summer heat and locusts. He has planted radish seeds in this raised bed, on the other side of the sweet potatoes. They take about 10 days to germinate and you’ll see shoots like these poking up in clusters from the soil. You can dig them up gently as the plants are delicate at this point, and transplant them in rows to space them a bit so that the radishes have space to grow. Plant them every 1 inch or even in a circle if in a pot. They stay low growing, so if you have a flower in the pot’s middle, and radishes in a circle around it, you have pollinator habitat and a nice ground cover (radish plants) to keep soil from drying out. It works as a nice arrangement for beauty and for eating!!!

We currently have planted some corn seeds at the start of February. Now those take about 2 weeks to appear as a thin green stalk with one leaf. These you plant about 1 1/2 inches below ground. I transplanted them to a round pot, put in a circle. Be careful if you transplant the small shoots, as boy do they grow roots fast and deep, so you want to keep as much root as possible. These plants should get 5 to 6 feet tall, so I am not planting anything else in the pot. I tried to get a deep pot as the roots will go deeply. Let’s see what happens now.

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