#5) Growing Corn in Containers–Developing Ears, Saudi Arabia

Today we just noticed that we are getting some corn cobs to develop! From the smallest start, to ears almost 3 inches tall, (5 inches in total measuring down into the stalk), this is exciting! We originally planted the seeds in February and they have been growing nicely. We will see how the plants fare over these next weeks, as the temperatures get higher. I had moved the pot into a more protected spot from wind and sun. We are watering the plants everyday, but they do have a few lower leaves that are turning yellow and dying off. I am thinking to monitor that and see if perhaps they are being overwatered. Stay tuned for hopes of more corn development!

Corn ear showing with tassel

You may read about how this whole garden idea got started, by clicking the link here to my blog: https://datepalmsncamels.com/2021/04/10/a-garden-experiment-corn-and-radishes-in-containers/

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