Date Palms & Camels

The site is named to honor the flora Date Palm and fauna Camel of Saudi Arabia. They are remarkable in that they can exist in the most arid and extreme heat environment and thrive! They both are staples of a desert kingdom. Their adaptation in this ecosystem is to our benefit for nourishment and sustainability.

Living Life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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We are a family of 4 who have been living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) for 2 1/2 years now. We should be here six more months, and we’ve decided that there aren’t that many great sites for finding out about what it is like to live an expat life in this country. Hope you find it useful in your exploration!


AlUla in 2 1/2 Days! March 2021 (1 of 4)–Hegra UNESCO site–many videos

This was one of the best experiences I have had here in Saudi Arabia. One of the most beautiful places and historically interesting sites. I have taken hundreds of photos and really could just make a photographic journey of memories. One lesson here: the light quality and surrounding landscape make even the worst photographer, great. …

SALT, excellent beach access restaurant in Al Khobar

Want to do something different for Iftar (the evening breaking of the fast) during Ramadan here in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia? Outside dining by the sea perhaps? Al Khobar is really turning their natural coastline, which is situated across from the country of Bahrain, into destination spots. A raw area of natural beauty, with pebbly …


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We live in the Eastern Province of Al Khobar. The nearest big city is Dammam. The great advantage of living here, is it is near the sea. Also there is an easily accessible land bridge to the country of Bahrain. We hope this site will help give you an idea of life here in Saudi. It won’t be complete but you can get an idea of what elements of Saudi living will appeal to you.


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