7th Int’l Date Palm Conference – Abu Dhabi, UAE Don’t miss it! March 14 – 16, 2022

Date Palm is an important food crop in arid lands, especially the Middle East. Why not get a seat at the 7th International Date Palm Conference, held this year in Abu Dhabi, Emirates? The place, Emirates Palace Hotel, will be sure to impress for 3 days this March. The website link for all information concerning the conference is below. Conference topics, who can attend, booths, and tour information is included below, cited from the conference’s website, under “About” – “Special Features”. This is a great opportunity to hear the latest research on date palm farming, biotechnology and propagation, and more!


Conference Topics

• Current status of date palm cultivation in the world.

• Modern commercial date production with a special focus on Mejhool variety.

• Molecular biology, genetic engineering and biotechnology.

• Germplasm.

• Propagation.

• Cultural practices.

• Pest and disease management with a special focus on Red Palm Weevil.

• Post-harvest and processing technologies.

• Nutrition and health.

• Economics and marketing.

• Additionally, the conference will have brief invited presentations from the winners Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation.


“The Seventh International Date Palm Conference is open to all people interested in date palm cultivation & agricultural innovation. The conference provides a forum for updating on current issues of importance to the date industry as well as information on this subject. Participants will be from the public and private sectors who deal with all aspects of the date palm from producers through consumers from around the world. Examples of the participants are:”

  • Date Palm Growers.
  • Executive Management of Grower Organizations.
  • Market Managers and International Traders.
  • Scientists of all Aspects of Dates and Date Palm Cultivation.
  • Processors and Agro-industrialists.
  • Directors of Agricultural & Marketing Companies.
  • Nutrition and Health Specialists.
  • Biotechnologists, Regulators and Consumers.


“The following booths will be organized during the Conference: “

  1. Date palm photo gallery from the previously organized International photo competitions;
  2. Commercial production of Mejhool.
  3. Date products and by-products.
  4. Date palm Extension Program illustrating modern cultural practices.
  5. Control of the Red Palm Weevil.
  6. Date palm research programs in various fields.
  7. National handicrafts made from date palm leaves and other by-products.
  8. Modern agricultural machinery dealing with date palm cultivation.
  9. Date palm tissue culture propagation.
  10. Date palms and food security.
  11. Date palm poetry international competition.

“Post Conference Tours”

“The participation in these post conference tours will be on a voluntary basis and will take a full day (Thursday 17 March, 2022).‎”

  • International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, Dubai.
  • Date Palm Tissue Culture Laboratory, Al Foah, Al Ain.
  • Khalifa Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Al Ain.
  • The Emirates Date Factory – Al Saad / AGTHIA.
  • Al Ain Date Oasis.
  • Other important sites and historic places.

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