Alicia Keys to perform in sold out concert Feb. 11th in Al Ula 2022

Tantora festival is back this year at AlUla, Saudi Arabia! It is a time to celebrate arts, music, sports and culture in this most beautiful desert environment. Set to perform to an already sold out concert this coming Friday, is Alicia Keys! She will also be leading a panel on women’s empowerment the day after. I can only imagine what a great musical experience this will be at night at Al Ula. Scroll down and find out more about this exciting event from and Grazia Middle East.

It just so happens that my sons have a talent show at their school this same day. What a coincidence and they will be playing piano and trumpet. Good luck to all the musicians this Friday! Last year when my family went for our experience at Al Ula, the Tantora festival was cancelled due to Covid. However we had a most memorable time visiting Hegra, Old Town, Jabal Ikmah/Dadan and Elephant Rock.

There are many up and coming events to check out, especially if you are interested in taking a vacation in Al Ula this spring. Activities being added this year have to do with sports like biking and climbing, and you can find out more at the links below from and Vogue Arabia.

Finally, for a view of Dolce & Gabbana’s first desert runway show at Al Ula from a few weeks ago, scroll down to watch a youtube video from the event. There is also an article showcasing photos of the designs in Vogue Arabia. Enjoy!

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