Al Khobar Man’s Mission to Help Birds

Here is a heartwarming story of how a regular guy uses some ingenuity for a cause. It’s a short article in the site for 13 Feb. 2021, however it is an important one. Muqbil Al-Suhaimi found a way he could reuse water containers to help local birds. As the temperatures get very hot in the summer, and most of the year is dry, he has 40 stations set up to water and feed the birds. He says God has inspired him with this idea, and he hopes to set up 100 such water and feed stations around Al Khobar, KSA. I think this is a great example of one man making a difference for many, by repurposing and recycling something, to make it useful again!

The entire article is below, but for the video, please click on the link below. Enjoy!

“DUBAI: A Saudi man has taken it upon himself to help feed and provide water for the many birds in the Kingdom using discarded water tanks.

Muqbil Al-Suhaimi first found the inspiration when he saw that people were still using plastic bags to carry bird feed – something he described as outdated and primitive.

Now he has helped to set up feed and water stations using the tanks to help make sure the birds in 40 different locations remain fed and hydrated.”

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