Saudi Agriculture International Expo 18-21 Oct. 2021–AgriSecura is Middle East’s food security site

This fall Saudi Arabia hosts the 39th International Agriculture, Aquaculture and Agro-industry Show in Riyadh. This 4 day event will feature vertical farming. You can read about the future of vertical farming and other forms of agriculture in the Kingdom, within the website below. Click the link that says “Home”.

“Saudi Arabia earmarked $26.6 million for vertical farming projects in the Kingdom, in a step taken to preserve water and develop agriculture in the Kingdom. The move also focuses on boosting Saudi food security.”

Within the above website, there is also a great article on how vertical farming is working in other countries within the Gulf area. “Vertical Farming’s Success Depends on the Cheapest Lightbulb” Here’s an excerpt from this article:

“Abu Dhabi’s giant Yas Mall isn’t the most obvious location for embracing nature. The sprawling complex, which houses a 20-screen cinema, leads to a Ferrari-themed amusement park.

At its heart is the Carrefour SA hypermarket. There’s no natural light or soil, yet floor-to-ceiling shelves offer shoppers herbs and microgreens grown right in the store. The fresh produce is a rare sight in the United Arab Emirates, which is almost all desert and imports 80% of its food. It’s marketed as a healthy way for customers to reduce the carbon emissions that would be generated transporting their groceries.” is a new website specifically for the Middle East area food security. If you are interested in food security and finding out more about this area of the world, check out this link below.

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