Saudi Graffiti Artists

So you would like to know more about ‘street art’ and how it is happening in Saudi. Here graffiti art is relatively a new artform, that had been banned in the past, but is now more accepted. Men and women use the streets and buildings as their canvases to make statements or to beautify the surroundings. To read more on Saudi’s street artists, you can click the links below to the articles.

Here is an excerpt from “Writing on the wall: Saudi graffiti artists make their mark” written by Tareq Al-Thaqafi, 20 Feb. 2021 in .

“Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually without permission and within public view. In many Western cultures, it is considered illegal as famous graffiti artists such as Banksy remain elusive. But in the Kingdom, graffiti is an accepted art form.

The Saudi Ministry of Culture has launched initiatives and programs to support “street artists,” with specific city locations chosen so they can express themselves by using spray paint, paint by brush, markers, stenciling, and more.”

“8 of Our Favorite Pieces by Saudi Graffiti Artist Noura” in

Video of Sarah Al Abdali working her art

“The Six: Middle East-based graffiti artists to watch out for”, 10 Nov. 2018 in

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