Sharing Saudi women’s modern perspective of KSA life and entrepreneurship. A video for you.

I think this video is a winner. Newly made from last year, this gives most readers from outside Saudi, a bias buster towards the Middle East and women in particular. Peter Santenello who hails from the US has made this video, while exploring KSA. Let some of these women speak for themselves about their lives here in the Kingdom.

This is the kind of perspective that outsiders need to see and hear. Here in Al Khobar, KSA things are opening up, maybe not as fast as Jeddah, but hey, now you can go to the Corniche along the sea and ride bikes. That is BRAND new. Women were not allowed to ride bikes here until now. But don’t let that lead your mind to say that it was right in it’s bias towards how you think Saudi society works. Listen and watch this video to gain a new perspective on how some ladies view their country and lives. You will find it may be much the same as you view yours. There are conservatives and liberals and all sorts of folks in every country, no matter where you go.

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