“Saudi Arabia’s Year of Arabic Calligraphy extended into 2021 over coronavirus concerns”

This article is in the arabnews.com website, 6 April 2020, written by Hala Tashkandi. The full article can be accessed from the link at bottom of page. The following is an excerpt from the article.

“The year-long celebration was designed as a symbol of Saudi identity and a source of inspiration for artists around the world. It highlighted the importance and historical significance of Arabic calligraphy.

The ministry shared details about the initiative with adverts on social media and public billboards. It also had a booth at the inauguration of the National Theater, where guests met local calligraphers and were given artwork and memorabilia.

People throughout Kingdom were invited to submit ideas and project proposals that focus on Arabic calligraphy.

The winners will be granted an opportunity to play an important role in efforts to strengthen the presence of Arabic calligraphy. The ministry will provide winners with partial or full financial sponsorships and logistical and media support.”


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