GOLF SAUDI Feb 4 -7, 2021

If you are into golf, Saudi Arabia is again hosting events coming next month. There is a terrific website for all the information you will need to find out about it. Looking through this website, I noticed their future vision of golf sports development within the kingdom, and also the idea of sustainability. With any new project today, sustainability is always a part of the planning.

Here are some excerpts taken from the above website

“Providing Access and Enabling a Brighter Future”

“Golf Saudi has partnered with the Club Managers Association of Europe to develop the World’s First Arabic golf educational program that offers Saudi Nationals a pathway to embark on a career within the golf industry. The partnership proposition is based on GS’s desire to grow the game of golf within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and encourage, inspire and educate a new generation of Saudi National golf industry professionals and clearly demonstrating the direct and positive impact that a golf educational pathway can have to its stakeholders whilst safeguarding fundamental requirements through the strategy/planning phases.

Given the breadth of national golf developments, the partnership seeks to set out accessible guidelines, certification programs and a comprehensive educational journey that covers the widest potential demographic, thus ensuring a future qualified pool of Saudi golf industry professionals is created to lead the future golf facilities and create a long term sustainable industry within the Kingdom.”

“Golf Saudi Turf Farm”

Golf Saudi’s first accredited Amenity Turf and Landscaping Centre in partnership with Atlas Turf

“Golf Saudi is developing the region’s first licensed Turf Farm through a joint venture agreement with Atlas Turf International which will have the capacity to provide grassing solutions for all future KSA golf developments.

The Turf Farm will allow each individual golf development to eliminate the requirement to establish project based turf nurseries thereby reducing use of natural resources, fertlizers, chemicals, etc. It is this central thinking that is the main benefit of a national turf farm.

The creation of the turf farm follows key principals for sustainable practice.  From site selection to operation every step is being developed through the lens of sustainable practice and aligned with the National Sustainability Strategy.”

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