Food Security for the future

Food Security is a newer concept we will all hear more about, from now on. Covid-19 has brought out good and bad, especially in global food production. Countries are studying ways to achieve access to safe, affordable and adequate food for their populations during pandemic events and into the future of 9 billion people by 2050. My special interest is in food security and urban agriculture. If there’s one thing we have all learned this year 2020, it’s that essential workers; those in medical areas, energy providers, internet, pharmacies, gas stations and grocery stores, will always be needed. What are the essentials? For sure farmers and food production is at top of the list of essentials. What can we do to help secure food for ourselves and our neighbors? It turns out that backyard and container gardens are the wave of the future.

In a few posts from now I will include one of my projects for my grad class on food security.

In the referenced article to follow, you can read about one way to approach global food security. This author argues for more government involvement and procedures in place to safeguard against a shortage should crisis occur, such as weather change, drought, global warming, political situations, pandemics, etc. We are all interconnected in the global food web and export/import reliant to some extent. Government involvement is just one of the keys to attaining food security. We will need a transdisciplinary approach involving many stakeholders. Government, state, local policies, transportation, food producers, farmers, individuals, investors, high-tech data bases and precision agriculture will all need to work together for the future.

“Food security: Time to put our money where our mouths are”

Article in by Samer Kurdi 27 Dec. 2020.

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