Here’s my Literature Review on Urban Agriculture and Food Security

Here I explore the history of urban agriculture, and how it has been used throughout human history since the formation of urban areas, to help people obtain food. There are many different types of urban agriculture, such as home gardens, container gardens, community gardens, rooftop gardens, community supported agriculture (CSA), and larger commercial production in greenhouses, hydroponics and vertical farming. As human population increases and continues to move from rural to urban dwelling, the ability to feed larger concentrations of people within cities with limited food producing areas will be a major challenge. Urban agriculture will be one needed vehicle in addressing food concerns that can be implemented into urban design. If we design for food production within cities, and individuals have the knowledge and skills to produce what they can, we will all be more food secure. Think back to the Victory Gardens used WWII in the US. We will need government, regional and local policies, education in schools and in communities, and also financial assistance, as well as planning and infrastructure to make this successful.

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