“Christians in Saudi Arabia observe Christmas in new season of religious tolerance”

Hope this season of the year finds you in good health and looking forward to the year 2021 with hope! Here’s an interesting article about the observance of Christmas in KSA for Christians. Expats and employed residents from other countries find it easier to celebrate one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar. Whether with a fake tree or one drawn with ribbon on a wall, here are ways you can look forward to feeling a part of the season.

Article from arabnews.com Dec. 24th 2020 by Rashid Hassan & Haifa Al-Belaihid

“RIYADH: Christmas in Saudi Arabia this year feels different in a very remarkable way. Christmas trees and decorations are for sale at a gift shop in Riyadh. Scenes of people buying Santa Claus outfits, tinsel, baubles and other ornaments from the shop in the Saudi capital are an unmistakable sign of greater tolerance towards other religions and faiths.

In recent years, festive sales have gradually been introduced into Riyadh, reflecting the process of social liberalization that began with a decree issued in 2016 by the Cabinet, restricting the ability of the Saudi Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice to pursue and arrest violators.”


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