Al-Zamil Art, Science, Fabric and School Supply Store

Actually it’s the best store for anyone needing anything for creative business. Art supplies, fabric, wrapping paper, kids’ projects, party decor, ribbons, soldering supplies, paint, brushes, canvas, styrofoam for architecture projects, science supplies and much more. You can even have an inhouse tailor make something for you! You must make a stop to see what they have.

We love this store for purchasing things for kids to do. 3D foam and wooden puzzles, pre-printed canvases for painting, clay, science kits, stickers, marbles, costume ideas, etc.

Many area schools have Zamil stock their supplies. The teachers will provide Zamil with a list for each class. All is included in a bag for one price. They make a convenient package for carrying out when you know the school and grade of your student. So easy to school shop that way!

The below is an article that says it best, with plenty of photos from inside the store. The owner is super nice and really good at knowing his business.

Article from, by Noura Al Joaib, Sept 1, 2017

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