First Lego Store in KSA Opens in Jeddah!

Yes! It’s about time to bring Lego to Saudi. We are very happy that we all have the option to order online and ship direct inside Saudi to our home. This is great! Otherwise the next best option is to travel to Bahrain, but with all travel in halt due to Coronavirus, that is not possible. Now the next question is how about a LEGOLAND? How cool would that be?

The below is an excerpt from the article about the new store in Arab News.

Q: Why did you choose to open your first Saudi store at this time?

“A: We were considering this for a long time, but we were also looking for the right partner to do it with. It’s a franchise model in partnership with the Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group. Once we established a relationship with this company, we were finally able to bring proper Lego stores to Saudi Arabia, which we’re incredibly excited about.

We opened the physical and online stores on the same day just to make sure that we catered to consumers’ different needs. Not everyone feels confident enough to go and shop in-store yet. Saudi Arabia is a huge country, and the physical store is only in Jeddah, so we wanted to invest in the e-commerce store to make sure we’re able to reach everyone.”

published in August 10, 2020 by ZAIRA LAKHPATWALA

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