The Barking Lot, Saudi dog cafe in Al Khobar

Are you a dog lover? Do you wish there was a business where you could take your dog right in, besides the vet? Where you AND your dog enjoyed the space together? Believe it or not, there is a place that is down the street from where we live, that I pass all the time, but have yet to enter. If you love dogs and food, then this is the place where you can bring your dog and enjoy refreshments while Rover plays! How cool is this? This is a place the kids and I have been wanting to visit, even though we don’t have a dog here. The Barking Lot!

About a year ago, I was getting my nails done at a Saudi ladies’ salon, and one of the Saudi customers told me about The Barking Lot. She gave it a big thumbs up! Would you like to also visit? Take a trip to Al Khobar in the Eastern Province and you are here!

The main inspiration to open this kind of cafe, was the restriction Saudi puts on dog walking in the country. The owner of the cafe is from Kuwait, and she felt badly that she and her pet couldn’t take a walk when in Saudi. Hence the birth of this new business. Read about The Barking Lot in an article in There are some great pictures in this article to give you more perspective on what goes on in the cafe and spa.

Follow this link for a video from Al Arabiya News, 29 Sept. 2020, interviewing the owner.

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