Night Festival of Lights in Riyadh–Noor Riyadh

There is a new art and light festival in Riyadh! It is something new to attend, that is fun and interactive. It runs this year until April 3rd, this coming weekend. So you still have a chance to experience, “More than 30 light installations will showcase this weekend, with over 60 international and Saudi artists exhibiting their work for the 17-day event, which brings together contemporary and modern art.”, as it states in the article, “Diplomats praise Noor Riyadh light festival” written by Rashid Hassan, 25 March 2021 for

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The festival, which kicked off for the first time on March 18, illuminated the Saudi capital with dazzling interactive light shows.

Noor Riyadh is expected to be an annual celebration, attracting international and local artists to display their creativity across the city.”

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