My poem for this year’s World Poetry Day

This year, March 21st, 2021 was World Poetry Day! I have finished my poem a bit over the date, but writing good poetry takes time, right? My process is to be inspired by something, and write out my complete thought associations in one go. Then I put my “poem-in-progress” aside for a time (a few days, week, etc) and do not think much about it. Then I read it over again and see if it still gives me the effect I was going for, or the expression that I want to create. Then I start brainstorming again until I come up with a finished product. Here is my poem that was written by March 21st, however not all completed until today. Hope you enjoy reading it! It was inspired by the nighttime in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia.

Passing a Princess at Evening

Ode to Elephant Rock, Al Ula, Saudi

A light breeze stirred the desert

As the moon began to appear above the land

Ladies in a group enjoyed the evening,

sitting ‘round a table laughing

out in the open air

We too were in a small group

sitting ‘round a table and looking about

Elephant rock became orange sun

lit slowly by electric lights, as the night came

Drumming began 

The group of ladies dressed in flowing abayas

settled together on cushions gracefully

like a flock of birds, with drums in hands

played a beat along with the leaders

The night became song and rhythm

No one danced, not here

High above in a different courtyard

Strong twinkling stars danced in the cool night

The airy laughter of the ladies 

The fires burning on the torches

Glowing in the circular pits where people gathered

I walked around that night

and in the evening, with the rhythm and flow

A princess passed me 

She was one in the group of ladies

Her escort kindly followed her 

as she left for another party

Did she know that she passed me by?

My bodyguard not visible?

We settled ourselves around a circular pit

By the fire’s glow

Secluded by the night from those above

our shoulders comfortably hugging the sand

Where the lights and dark night lingered

Protected from gazes and talk

Our own small world of royalty

Fires in the sky mirrored the ground.

Watchful diamonds in the darkness

What a noble crown the heavens wear!

Where distance is counted by time

How many kingdoms

have passed under your gaze?

by Desert Gardener

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