Saudi Cup is here, in Riyadh, watch races Online –Feb 19th and 20th

In just a few days all eyes in the equestrian racing world will be on, the online live running of The Saudi Cup. The link directly below is to the official Saudi Cup page, where you can see what station in your area/country will host the live races. It is a fantastic site and you may want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the races, the horses, jockeys, etc. It seems now until the race days, there has been a flurry of articles published on various jockeys, horses, etc. I’ve listed the ones I thought were interesting below, as well as the link to each. The second link is to the really nice youtube video advert where you can see the amazing track. Done very well.

Charlie Fellowes primes Prince of Arran for turf glory at Saudi Cup“, written by Ali Khaled, 17 Feb. 2021,

From American dream to Saudi Cup, Umberto Rispoli looks to keep winning run going“, 15 Feb 2021,

Bahrain’s finest set sights on Saudi Cup’s top prizes“, 14 Feb 2021,

2021 Saudi Cup Contender: Tacitus“, by Ed McNamara,

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