Flights and travel resume to KSA–don’t miss 3rd season of Tantora Festival!

While searching out information on this year’s Al Ula Tantora Festival, I stumbled upon this fantastic website with good information. Take a look at the videos as they are beautiful! Well I was planning to attend the hot air balloon part of the festival this year, and was just getting ready to return to the kingdom, but one person in my party has misplaced their passport! We will be delayed by a few weeks, as “fast” during Covid is not that fast when you need a new passport. Lesson; don’t lose yours.

A friend of mine attended last year and the photos were just amazing! She had a great time and highly recommended it. She didn’t wear an abaya, the traditional covering we all wear normally, but that may be because it is more a tourist site. My advice is if you want to fit in with the surroundings and explore in a more exotic way, wear something long and flowing, or go get yourself an abaya. Dress rules apply so that you must have your shoulders covered, and legs not exposed, so you can get away with pants and a T-shirt. Black is a very popular color for women, as it is the traditional Saudi look. Bring sunglasses as well. You need to purchase a ticket to the festival, or book a package deal.

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