‘Resumption of international flights draws mixed expat reaction’

Here’s the latest news concerning international flights in and out of Saudi. We’ve been able to fly interiorly this summer, however with Covid 19 restrictions, we’d need to wear masks everywhere and it is very hot in the summer to really be a tourist, enjoying the outdoors. Some have been waiting to fly out, while others have been waiting to come back. Here’s a good article highlighting both sides, no pun intended.

“The decision by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior to allow expatriates who have exit and entry visas as well as visit visas to travel across borders on Sept. 13 came as a relief for many expats who are used to vacationing in their home countries.”

“International flights to and from the Kingdom were suspended on March 15 as part of preventative measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, but as the situation has improved countries around the world are beginning to open up. Saudi Arabia has also reviewed its coronavirus travel policies, resuming international flights with conditions.”

written by Rashid Hassan for Arabnews.com, 28 September 2020.


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