‘In Saudi Arabia, one finds his soul in the desert’

Here is a good article about desert tourism within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was written this summer with Covid 19 restrictions still in place. With many people kind of ‘stuck in the sand’ if you will, Saudi tourism is on the rise. This is about what much of the land has to offer, the desert. If you’ve not been to a place where the silence is deafening, then the desert just might be your getaway if you crave space, time and the exploration of your own mind.

“Though it may suggest emptiness, loneliness and a lack of basic needs, deserts are diverse and they attract different types of tourists.

Some people look to the desert for a digital detox and to escape the bustle of demanding city life, while others, such as hikers, campers and nature lovers, seek fun adventures. Deserts also offer something for archaeology and history enthusiasts.”

written by Ruba Obaid for Arabnews.com, 3 July 2020.


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