Insects in the Garden!

As I have not posted in a while, let’s start off with some fun images from the garden. We have a sunny west facing garden so we miss getting the eastern morning sun. The garden benefits from getting watered in the am before the sun really gets hot and drying. In the summer I have been watering it additionally in the evening. Water just evaporates so quickly from the soil. Usually what you experience is wilting of the more leafy plants like milkweed (not native kind), and any vegetable you are trying to grow. Flowers such as portulaca will close their flowers for the afternoon, so bees will come during the morning and then leave in the afternoon.

So here in the garden we have lots of creatures. The photos here are ones taken this summer until now. There are also big fat black slugs that come out at night when it’s dark and somewhat cooler. I don’t have photos of them but will try and post when I do.

I had planted a young eucalyptus tree which has been munched on by, I believe a grasshopper or locust. It was sitting near the tree. Hope you like these images. My camera isn’t the best, but it gives you some idea of what you can find here.

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