Saudi working women and men–new dimension

This is a new article discussing the changing culture of traditional Saudi young people. Some now prefer to become financially stable for themselves and then focus on marriage. As a lot of us married know, it is good to get a sense of who you are on your own before you develop a relationship with someone else. You will be better able to negotiate your own needs and meet someone else’s as well.

“Young Saudis are ‘choosing self-sufficiency over settling down'”

“Financial stability plays a key role in ensuring long-term social and psychological needs are met in marriage, experts say. The younger generation, facing a world of uncertainty and family pressure to marry early, have begun to rethink this dynamic. Research claims that waiting until 25 to marry reduces the chance of divorce by up to 50 percent.”

above quotes and below photo/article are published in Arab News August 16, 2020

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