Date Festival Happening Now

This looks fabulous! Unaizah Season for Dates happens in city of Unaizah, which is just north of Riyadh. The farmers come to show and sell the dates in an outdoor market. Here are some other agricultural products that the region is known for.


“Unaizah is an agricultural area and produces wheat and barley of various strains. The region also grows  grapesgrapefruitslemonsleeksmandarinsorangespomegranates and dates.

Leeks (kurrat) are a very important part of the local culture of Unaizah. They are popular among the locals and comprise a significant portion of the local agricultural industry.

An annual Date Season Festival has been held in September since the early 2000s, giving Unaizah the distinction of hosting the second largest date festival in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. The festival rivals the date festival of neighboring Buraydah’s, which is sometimes known as “Buraydah, the City of Dates”.[3][4]

Unaizah’s 2008 (4th) annual Date Festival was known as the “Unaizah International Date Festival”, though the city’s title “Unaizah, the Kingdom of Dates” was retained as a motto. Many people from different places of the Middle East come to see this festival and buy dates because they know there is a good quality of dates.

cited from “Unaizah”

published in Arab News August 16, 2020

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