Recycling? — or as I call it, Desert Blooms

I decided to look up the term “desert bloom” before I wrote this blog. It is actually a scientific term defined by below:

Desert bloom

“A desert bloom is a climatic phenomenon that occurs in various deserts around the world. The phenomenon consists of the blossoming of a wide variety of flowers during early-mid spring in years when rainfall is unusually high.Desert Bloom in Namaqualand, South Africa

The blossoming occurs when the unusual level of rainfall reaches seeds and bulbs that have been in a latent or dormant state, and causes them to germinate and flower in early spring.[1] It is accompanied by the proliferation of insects, birds and small species of lizards.”

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the climatic phenomenon. For the 1986 film, see Desert Bloom (film).
Photo by spemone on
Photo by Negative Space on

OK so I’d like to use the term in this way. Desert Bloom is when copious amount of plastic and garbage end up blowing into the desert from the highway, service stations, passing motorists and towns. It gives the appearance that there are colored areas like blooms and things growing out of the sand. I’ve even seen strings of balloons from a kid’s party blowing around in the sand. Like fun that had been used up and now needed to find a new party. It gives a sense that there are people around, but feels like abandonment. This is a disposable society, just like many others that hasn’t solved the problem of trash production and the ability to make a profit from collecting it.

There aren’t any compounds I know of that actually recycle except for the Aramco compound.

Here is an article on the website from July 14, 2019, about efforts in Riyadh, the capital city.

Also new initiatives included in the Vision 2030 plan. Checkout the website below:

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