Amazing Arabic Learning Books!

We used to have an arabic tutor come to our villa once a week so my boys could further their arabic language and writing skills. However since Covid-19, that is no longer an option. Instead we are turning to other resources. Below are links for books and a magnetic alphabet you may find useful.

Are you looking for arabic language resources for your kids? Preparing to go abroad and want to have an understanding of the alphabet and simple words? Maybe you want a more basic version for yourself that is fun and educational at the same time. Look no further than these great educational books by Alia Khaled, PhD. She is a native arabic speaker/writer and understands how to present arabic to non-native speakers. They are available on amazon as shows when you “Learn more” about the books. We have both the Arabic Alphabet Activity Books Level 1 and 2. Available on US, UK and AE amazon.

We have an arabic magnetic alphabet board like the one in this link that is a useful 3D tool where kids can learn the order of the alphabet. A favorite of my kids!

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