The Corniche, Al Khobar

Bring yourself to nature by going to the Corniche! This is the coastline area where there are walkways, promenade, cafes, restaurants, building projects and sand and sea. A common site is Saudi families and expats sitting out on the green spaces, strolling along the promenade, stopping for selfies, biking, jogging, wading into the water, fishing off the piers, bringing their kids to the shaded playgrounds, or trying out the workout equipment installed along the walkways. A place for enjoyment.

Photo by cottonbro on

It’s nice to go early morning time when less folks are about, just so you can have the views to yourself, or less kids on the playgrounds. There are many stray street cats about that also live around this area. Some local Saudis feed them so someone is taking care of them.

Can I swim in the sea? Surf? These are good questions. The answer is no.

For a few reasons really.

  1. There are no lifeguards and no swimming beaches. This means less cleaning up of the coast area.
  2. Since there are rules here about dress, women would almost be excluded from being able to do water activities, as the abaya is definitely not for swimming.
  3. Another good reason is that a lot of people simply don’t get swimming lessons here. That makes for a lot of folks being in danger in deep water.
  4. Sea snakes, yes they are here. They are venomous and can kill humans and animals. They float along on the water until land where they can travel near the water.

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