Art/Artists of Saudi Arabia

Image taken from book Arabic Geometric Patterns

Whether travelling or living in a new place, check out the art and artists in the area. It’s a good idea to see how people are expressing themselves in music, dance, sculpture, painting, architecture, etc.

Being in the Middle East it’s easy to see right away that creativity in architecture abounds. From the unique gates of villas, to villa design itself, hotels, skyscrapers, mosques, museums and interiors. The beautiful ornate arab style is everywhere.

Worth the visit, Ithra or King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, is Al Khobar’s modern museum. It is rumored to have cost more to build than the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai! The design of this very modern structure is something like you’d see in a Star Wars movie. They have a cinema, interactive children’s museum area, cafe, library, and offer courses such as Photography and Arabic Calligraphy, etc. There is a separate building showcasing petroleum and it’s journey from the earth to shipping to production. You can see Aramco’s beginnings. Also you can try your hand at a simulation game of getting tankers to the right destination, as well as supplying the right type of crude oil. It’s fun for the whole family. They also have an indoor area for kids to play!

If you’d like to get your hands on some original artwork, take a trip to Desert Designs. This eclectic store sells everything for your home, to complete your arabic look. Furniture, glassware, books, clothing, lamps, as well as housing an art gallery on the second floor.

My favorite artist so far is a female Saudi digital artist and painter named Skna Hassan.

Skna Hassan discusses her technique on youtube

July 19, 2020 Article about Saudi artists published in Arab News

Below is an excerpt from “Home is where the art is for Saudi painter”

JEDDAH: Sometimes we find inspiration when we hear a new song or experience a wild dream. Other times new ideas come when we least expect them, as one Saudi artist found during the coronavirus lockdown.

Nahla Ghafaili decided to paint away her boredom during the curfew but soon ran out of canvases, so decided to paint on everyday objects in her home — even items of furniture.

Arab News

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