Saudi’s green initiative to include Hail region: Drones will be used to disperse seeds on 200+ hectares

There are many ways people are using trees, shrubs and grasses, to combat desertification of dry, arid land. Saudi has the technology to try new approaches in areas that require a lot of input of resources; seeds, plants, fertilizer, water, labor, to make a more biodiverse landscape. A new article in, describes briefly how drones will be used to disperse seeds within a desert reserve in Hail. Where is Hail located and what is in this area? Read the description below from Wikipedia to find out!

Haʼil (Arabic: حَائِل‎ Hāʼil) is a city in north-western Saudi Arabia. It is the capital and largest city of Ha’il Region, with a population of about 605,930 (2018)

Haʼil is largely agricultural, with significant graindate, and fruit production. A large percentage of the kingdom’s wheat production comes from Haʼil Province, where the area to the northeast, 60 to 100 km (37 to 62 miles) away, consists of irrigated gardens. Historically, Haʼil derived its wealth from being on the camel caravan route of the Hajj. Haʼil is well known by the generosity of its people in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world as it is the place where Hatim al-Tai lived. It is also the homeland of the Rashid royal family, historical rivals to Saudi royal family.” (Wikipedia, 2021)

The article “Saudi Arabia to plant trees in desert using drones” can be found by clicking the link here:

The following is an excerpt from the article.

“RIYADH: Saudi Arabia is planning to use drones to plant 100,000 trees in a nature reserve in the north of the Kingdom.

The move is part of a plan to develop vegetation cover, combat desertification, and cultivate local trees and wild plants in the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Reserve in Hail.”

(2021, October 18). Saudi Arabia to plant trees in desert using drones.

Ha’il. (2021, October 1). In Wikipedia.

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