Young Saudi Illustrator makes her way onto Amazon site

I always love to find new ways art is being used in the Kingdom (KSA). Here is a good example of how one woman uses creativity to express herself in her culture.

“RIYADH: A Saudi artist has become the first person in the Kingdom to join forces with Amazon to release a series of new themed gift cards, featuring unique Saudi culture-inspired illustrations to mark the upcoming Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

The collection, which features designs created exclusively for Amazon by self-taught local artist Majd Shaker Jaha, offers Saudis the chance to send traditional “Eideyyahs” (gifts of money) to loved ones digitally via” (Tashkandi, Hala. “Saudi artist, Amazon launch debut Eid-themed gift card collaboration.”, 2 May 2021.)

Majd Shaker Jaha, 21, discusses her artistic inspirations.

‘ “I take inspiration from culturally significant and recognizable designs, like the decorations of traditional Saudi cookware or fabrics such as Shalky and Sadu, and play around with those. Maybe I’ll alter the colors, but I always try to maintain the integrity of the design itself,” she said.
Jaha advised young Saudi artists to continue to pursue their dreams, adding that there are plenty of opportunities for them to display their ability and that there is more than one way to be an artist.
“I think a lot of young artists think that they have to be super-famous painters who work on huge canvases and sell them for lots of money to be able to consider themselves artists,” she said, “but I want them to remember that there are opportunities everywhere, especially in the wake of Vision 2030 and the new mentality the Kingdom has toward the art scene.” ‘ (Tashkandi, Hala. “Saudi artist, Amazon launch debut Eid-themed gift card collaboration.”, 2 May 2021.)

To read the entire article, you can click the link below.

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