Today it rained! Not often this happens in April!

Today was a kind of lucky day. It rained and poured for awhile. The kids ran and splashed and tried to catch the drops on their tongues. Some parents were afraid of lightning. I didn’t see any until later, and only one time. The sky was cloudy since morning and it had apparently rained during the early morning. Then today around 3pm, sprinkles came. Then swiftly we had a downpour, but light with some wind. The birds flew for cover and glided through the drops. Gray clouds crowded the sky and thunder sounded. Myself and some of the smaller kids on the compound were in the park and just stayed to enjoy the rain and wind.

It rained about 30 minutes and then let off suddenly. We asked the sky to bring more rain. We wanted more drops. The rain was making puddles on the tennis court and the playground surface. The grass area became a bit soggy, as here drainage is not that great with sand under the soil. Our request was granted about 10 minutes later when large, splashy drops kept us from going anywhere but under cover. Those were the soaking kind and with them came a cool breeze. I swear I saw a clear piece of what looked like ice hit my shoe, and bounce off onto the pavement at my feet. But then it wasn’t there. That lasted for about 10 minutes and then stopped. A cool temperature replaced a warmer day and suddenly everything was fresh, washed of dust and sand. The world had a wet glisten to it, and we went home wet, but refreshed.

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