Covid-19 Vaccinations: May 15th deadline for workers in Saudi, Football fans with “immune” status can attend live

New news about Covid-19 vaccinations. Those who work in the service industry such as salons and barbershops, and with food, such as restaurants and cafes within Saudi Arabia, will need to have a vaccine dose before May 15th, or have a negative PCR test result in 7 day increments from then on. Also being vaccinated can help get you into live sporting events here in Saudi. See below for the latest on employees and public health protection during Covid, as well as the latest on attending sports events. The following is an excerpt from the article on vaccinating workers.

“JEDDAH: Starting in mid-May, coronavirus vaccinations will be mandatory for all barbershop, salon, restaurant, cafe and food outlet workers in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing said on Wednesday.

Workers will be required to be vaccinated in order to protect public health and curb the spread of the virus. Those who are not vaccinated before the deadline must provide a negative PCR test result every seven days at the expense of the employer.

The Ministry of Sports and Transport General Authority issued similar directives on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Tourism also issued a statement saying that buffet services in restaurants, tents, and halls will be halted during the holy month of Ramadan.” by Deema Alkhudair, 25 March 2021

As folks ease back into some normalcy here in the kingdom, sports events are one welcome getaway from the pressing news about rising numbers of Covid cases. Spring and fall are generally the time when flu and colds tend to be exacerbated, due to the changing seasons cold/hot and humidity. For sure here we are all doing our part by wearing masks, social distancing and washing our hands. Having the Tawakkalna App keeps people who are healthy, going around with their daily routine in malls, stores, hospitals, travel, etc. The newest development which started with vaccinations in the kingdom, is “immune” status. If this shows in your Tawakkalna App, it means you’ve taken both doses of vaccine. This will allow fans of football (soccer), to attend live matches in stadiums at 40% capacity, from May 17th. Read on in the online article, in the link below.

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