Sandy Dunes of Saudi Desert–Train ride Riyadh to Dammam (short video)

Finally got the video I had taken onboard our recent trip to Riyadh. I can put a few pictures in here, but having a video is even better…it gives you a sense of complete desert surroundings outside the train tracks! It may be meditative to you. The interesting thing to note, is how they keep the tracks from disappearing underneath all the sand. I am amazed really, as all year round there are workers literally operating bulldozers, pushing the sand back about 40 feet or so from either side of the tracks. You will see the “push marks” as perpendicular lines in rows.

Another interesting thing, is the plan for the passengers, if the train for whatever reason stops. If stuck out in the middle of desert, or maybe near a town, there are provisions for large shade tents and water until help arrives. I thought that was kind of neat, although for sure I would not want to be stuck under the blazing sun, without A/C, with blowing sands. Anyhow as always, amazed that you can see camels here and there in small groups amidst the sandy dunes. My video does not show camels, however you get a sense of the vastness and limitless sand and sky outside of Riyadh and Hofuf. I highly recommend the train for travel. You can read about it in my Jan. 30. 2021 blog “Train Travel is still great option from Dammam to Riyadh.

Enjoy this short video! Cue the hot, dry sands…while sitting in comfort of your own home.

video by Desert Gardener

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