Services—–Saudi Luxury Hotels 2021

It may be a great time to spend a weekend at a new place, especially as Saudi is still in lockdown mode. Really the only travel that can be done is within the country. Those of us that live in the Eastern Province can still cross into Bahrain, however with Covid tests required at both ends and quarantine periods, it’s not the best. So it may be an advantageous time to try a bit of extravagance! Why not make your vacation at a luxury hotel and enjoy the amenities?

Found a great article on the new luxury hotels here in KSA! If not just for the beautiful photography, “The luxury hotel openings to know about in Saudi Arabia in 2021”, written by Alice Holtham, Jan. 26, 2021, is where you can plan a getaway with an eye to stay at one of the 6 hotels; 3 in Riyadh, 2 in Al Ula and 1 in Jeddah. You can visit the article on Conde Nast at the link at bottom.

I’ve tried to see if the Al Ula locations are up and running, but as of yet they are “coming soon”. Too bad, as the season at Al Ula ends in March. The weather will just keep going up by degrees, so it is not easy to enjoy being in a desert with the heat.

If anyone gets to one of these hotels, feel free to leave a comment on this post and let us know how it was!

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