Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh, opulence and luxury, our visit

This past weekend we had a chance to visit the Ritz-Carlton while in Riyadh. It is a grand affair to pass through the monumental gates and drive up the flag lined driveway. The beautiful fountains greet you as you pass into the covered parking spots. Everything about the Ritz-Carlton is fancy. So be prepared to be wowed when you walk in on the red carpet, and from there, all doors are opened for you.

We passed through the grand foyer out into a smaller outdoor cafe garden. We sat and enjoyed the older trees, 600 and 400 years old respectively, and beautifully kept flowers. Our waiter brought a rainbow of juices to us which we had ordered, and we sipped them among soft, relaxing music, wafting from hidden speakers. The blue sky was bordered by the architecture of the place.

Then we took a small walking tour around the indoor pool area. There is a double staircase with a beautiful chandelier hanging to greet you as you enter this area. It is awe-inspiring. As far as I know the indoor pool is only open to males. However even for guys, the idea of swimming and lounging with cafes for dining and sitting rooms overlooking the pool, is a bit odd. It is beautiful and every inch of the area is tiled, painted, mosaic with amazing patterns and colors. The doors were all locked to go outside, so we weren’t able to see any more of the gardens. However there were a few business men dining around the pool area.

I checked out the ladies bathroom and it was pretty nice. Regular toilets that you can sit on, instead of the traditional squat, hole in the floor type. But I’m sure if it was traditional, the Ritz would make it amazing!

You will feel like a prince or princess walking out into the world.

Tip: If you have ever been to an Atlantis Resort, then the Ritz-Carlton in size and opulence will seem alike. The Atlantis Resort in Dubai is grand, amazing, but bustling and busy. Many families go there for the waterpark fun, unlike at the Ritz where you feel the peace.

The link to the Riyadh location is below.

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