Saudi violinist hopes to open music school

Finding music teachers in KSA is not easy. The ones you do find tend to charge high prices to teach music. I had hoped to continue learning the acoustic guitar in Spanish style Flamenco, but failed to find myself anyone who could teach it, at least here in Al Khobar. The reason behind this, is that music in KSA hasn’t been something that has been important to learn. Mostly it is done within families and there wasn’t an outlet to showcase musical talent, such as schools for music or performances. This is changing with the Vision 2030 plan.

Below is an excerpt from the article, “The Cairo-trained violinist who wants Saudis to pursue their musical ambitions” in, 30 Jan. 2021, written by Caline Malek.

“Yaseen, the youngest of six, has been interested in music since the age of eight when he first fell in love with string instruments. “I was raised among musicians,” Yaseen told Arab News. “My older brother, who played the qanun, and my father, who was one of the musical pioneers here and played Yanbu’s local instrument — the simsimiyya — are musicians and both of them gave me the passion to play. This is how I started.”

Born and raised in Yanbu, Yaseen attended his local university before realizing his true calling lay in music. After learning to play the simsimiyya, a traditional lyre instrument, he discovered his passion for the violin.

Following a few rudimentary lessons from his father and brother, Yaseen spent the next decade mastering the instrument at home. He was largely self-taught — until an unmissable opportunity to study abroad presented itself.

“I went to Egypt and met a very famous violinist called Abdo Dagher and I took many classes with him at the Cairo Opera House to improve my skills on the violin,” he said. “I knew by then that I wanted to play the violin professionally and that I wanted to be a professional musician in Saudi Arabia.”’

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