“Saudi showjumpers ride high at Jeddah event”

Here’s a news article for those interested in the equestrian scene here in Saudi. This event recently happened on Saudi’s west coast city of Jeddah. Written 16 Jan. 2021 by Mohammed Al-Kinani & Nada Hameed. Here is an excerpt from the link to the article below.

“The competition consists of nine rounds, with three rounds each day. About 130 horses were registered in the competition. The fences were set at 1.15m for the small grade where about 80 riders competed on the first day.

Almost 40 equestrians took part in the 1.20m-1.25m medium grade. Another 20 competitors battled in the 1.30m-1.35m grade on the first day of competition.

“We have seven competitions under the names of seven ministries. After good international and Olympic results, support has doubled for equestrian sports, particularly showjumping,” a member of the SAEF technical committee, Ali Al-Sahli, told Arab News.

One rider, Naif Al-Sudairi, said that equestrianism in Saudi Arabia is making rapid advances on many levels.

“With Saudi Vision 2030, we now have more tournaments in all regions of the country, and the competition has heated up,” he told Arab News. “This can motivate the riders to improve and show our best in the run-up to international competitions.”
He added that he is looking forward to representing Saudi Arabia in the global equestrian events.”


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