Fantastic TED talk — Human Population growth changing from traditional model

This is one lecture I was required to watch in a class, and here I am sharing it with you! If you are interested in learning a bit more about projected human population growth and the dynamic difference projected for the future, listen to this. Instead of many births, high child mortality and shorter lifespan like in the past, here Dr. Lisa Berkman shows new models based on reduced birth rates which we are experiencing, and longer lifespan, which combine to form a “columnar model” in age groups instead of the “pyramid model” that has always been. Certain areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa will retain the pyramid shape. It is interesting to see this new trend, which is a balance of sorts to the predicted 9 billion people by year 2050. Our population growth may be slowing down in a way…

Berkman, Lisa. “The shape of population to come.” Harvard College TEDx

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