Give images to your New Year to achieve your goals! Creatively being You on New Year’s Day!

When I was living with roommates awhile back, one of my friends showed me a craft project to start the New Year out right. Every year, on the first day of the New Year, she would gather up magazines, postcards, colored paper, yarn, nature things, etc. and put it all around her on the floor. She would take a large piece of paper or oaktag, cardboard or canvas, and look for images from her magazines, etc. that brought her dreams and thoughts, into pictures she was attracted to. Then she would take some glue or tape and make a collage of all the images on the large paper to hang up and see each day.

No matter who your are, here’s an idea to start your New Year out, the way you envision your next year to be. Let’s get the ideas, desires and needs out of your head and onto paper, by making a visual plan for yourself!

If you are home by yourself, you can do this! If you are with family around, you can do this! Get your kids to make their own board too! If you are working and need a way to celebrate, you can do this when you get home! If you are with roommates driving you crazy, get them to participate and change the focus….you can do this!

Supplies you’ll need:

  1. A large paper, cardboard piece, mat board, foam core, canvas, etc. (basically something you can glue/tape images to that can be looked at everyday)
  2. magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, maps, etc. you can cut from
  3. photos you don’t mind putting into your collage
  4. tape, glue, scissors
  5. pen, pencil or marker (for writing the date on front or back of paper and maybe a title)

This is an excellent practice and I have borrowed that idea and usually will make myself a new “board” of images from what I want in my life for the new year. I even keep the old ones and refer back to them and see what has changed for me in my life. For example if you want more beauty, you might cut out pictures of flowers, or a scenic mountain, etc. or if you want a baby, you can find photos of pregnant ladies or a baby, clothing, crib, etc. If you are sick you may want to cut out images of what well means to you. If you want more people in your life you can find pictures of groups of people, or holding hands, crowded room, etc. If you need more space, or reading time, etc. find pictures of empty rooms, or a field or a shelf of books. If you want a dog/cat, find those pictures, etc. You can use words and phrases too! Maybe even a poem.

Try it this year and see what you have found for yourself that helps you to visualize your future. Look at it everyday and see it becoming your reality. You can even meditate with this collage, and hang it where you see it a lot.

Congratulations! You just started your New Year out creatively, and creating is something we all can do! Let’s see how this goes for you, and helps you achieve those things in your life. Happy making!

I will share my New Year 2021 board with you all in the next post! If you want to share yours too, just reply to my post. Thanks!

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