Nature as a Prescription

Cornell University is conducting research with a project that began in 2017, by Donald Rakow and Gregory Eells. It is called Nature Rx@ Cornell. The premise is that people feel better when they are in nature. Eastern medicine has understood this relationship much better than Western medicine. Japanese and Chinese medical doctors and health practitioners have been in tune with the nature prescription for a while now. Western science is taking this new outlook on health more seriously by conducting scientific tests. We are finding out what we have always known. Nature is good for us, as we are part of it! Time to start a garden this fall!

There are two links below. One is to Cornell’s Nature Rx site and the other is to the author Florence William’s book Nature Fix

In the Cornell study, here is what they found:

Psychological Benefits reduced stress, anxiety and depression

Improved Behavior or Attitude greater happiness or life satisfaction, reduced aggression and increased social connection

Physiological Benefits improved ability to concentrate, memory recall, lowered blood pressure and improved immune function

cited from Cornell’s Nature Rx

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