Harvard University on Loneliness and Covid-19

Found this great article that may help some of us cope with being lonely because of precautions for Covid-19. The author is mainly speaking about the US, but this applies equally to any people who have restrictions in place by state or government regarding social distancing, especially when living alone. Let’s help one another out. You can read full article below in the link.

“”The experience of loneliness is 100 percent subjective,” said Jeremy Nobel of the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School and adjunct faculty in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where he teaches a course on loneliness and public health. “Isolation is the objective state of being physically separate. Loneliness is the self-perceived gap between our social connectedness and that which we aspire to have.”

“While loneliness itself is not considered a mental illness, Nobel said it is a risk factor for depression, suicide, and addiction. He put its ill health effects on a par with smoking and obesity and said its physiological impacts include increased inflammation — which has been implicated in negative health consequences — and decreased immune response, both potentially important during pandemic times.”

by Alvin Powell, May 4, 2020, The Harvard Gazette


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