Great Websites for Kids’ Creativity

Looking for some educational and fun things to do online with your kids while you are spending the summer? Whether you can’t travel or find yourself in virtual school again, these are welcome breaks for you and your kids.

Fresco App

My favorite app that lets you create on ipad and surface pro computers. It’s free and there are tutorials on youtube. Easy to use. If you don’t know Illustrator or Photoshop this is the app for you! Create beautiful artwork you can send or download onto your computer to print. Comes with lots of brush choices, full color range, masks, layered screens, etc. I didn’t know anything a few months ago, and now I feel like a pro. Let your kids’ imagination and finger take over. My little guy loves to just try different brushes and colors. Keeps him busy for a while and the touchscreen capability is great for his age.

Google Chrome Music Lab

We found out about this site from my son’s school. It was given as a music project for music class. Different interactive musical activities that help you explore sound, create visual sound, voice record, and more. Fun for any age, from 3 year olds to geriatric! If you want to just play around and make some music, have a go! Creative and colorful, my kids enjoy this together or on their own. You can spend time with your kids in this program. Again great for virtual days when you want a break from lessons.

Google Doodle Games

This is more fun than educational, even for adults! They are online games created by the google team that you can play on your computer, tablet or phone. My kids’ favorites are the Scoville (Hot Pepper), Halloween 2 (Ghost Cat), Cricket and Pac-Man!

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