Asharqia Equestrian Festival

This festival is located in the city of Dammam. It happens in early spring.

“Celebrating The Arabian Heritage

Asharqia Equestrian Festival, an annual innovative world-class event, is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the purebred Arabian horse. It is envisioned as a cultural event where equestrian competitions are joined with positive family entertainment, art and educational elements.”

published in Asharqia Equestrian Festival website

“Asharqia Province”

“The Eastern Province, known as Asharqia in Arabic, is the largest province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a land of startling contrasts.  Featuring 500 kilometers of dramatic coastline and beautiful beaches, the Province also includes portions of the world’s biggest continuous sand desert, the Rub’ al Khali, as well as the lush greenery of the world’s largest palm tree oasis.  In addition, the Eastern Province is home to the majority of oil production in the Kingdom, and includes Ghawar, the most extensive oil field in the world.  
Major cities of the Eastern Province include Dammam, site of Asharqia Arabian Horse Festival, Dhahran, Al Khobar, Jubail, and Hofuf.  
The Region is rich in history, and contains numerous historical sites, including several that include tombs from an ancient Bronze age civilization that is one of the oldest in the region.  Numerous trading routes have also existed in the province during history, from pre-Islamic times, to the coming of Islam, to the present day’s commerce in oil.

Visitors enjoy the region’s many attractions, including historic forts, beautiful corniches along the sea, and verdant oases.  Today, the bold architecture of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, located in Dhahran, has become an icon of the Province as it promotes it vital mission of cross-cultural engagement emphasizing knowledge and creativity.”

published in Asharqia Equestrian Festival website

What are Straight Egyptian Arabian horses?

Straight Egyptians, which constitute less than four percent of all purebred Arabian horses, are known for their exceptional beauty and elegance, reflecting the classic type and purity of their desert origins.  Influential far beyond their scarce numbers, the history of the straight Egyptian is fascinating, tracing to turbulent times in the Arabian peninsula when many of the finest desert horses were taken to Egypt and bred by the Pashas, Princes and Kings of that country. 

published in Al Shaqab website

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