Grocery Stores

Now that I’m here, where can I buy groceries? There are a variety of good grocery stores in various areas of Al Khobar. You will be pleasantly surprised they are well stocked and carry many brands you already know. There are plenty of local grocery stores maybe in your neighborhood. You can get to these by driving, taking compound shopping bus or taxi. Just remember how much room you have in your fridge!

In no particular order of preference.

  1. Danube higher end grocery that also sells dishes, toys, clothing. Great bakery and cakes. Good for finding party supplies for birthday and having custom cake. Best breadsticks with various seeds.
  2. Alosra small store that has a lot of imported food and organic items. My choice for purchasing New Zealand or Australian meat
  3. Hyper Panda large store that saves you money.
  4. Tamimi medium store with organic and healthy section. Great bakery and cakes. Good for ordering custom birthday cakes with images, photos printed on frosting.
  5. Lulu large store that gets in imported favorites, great nut selection
  6. Carrefour large store that has most things, clothing, etc. Lots of imported food. Great bakery. Best croissants.
  7. Farm medium store that has a lot of what you need.

Meat: beef, lamb, camel, chicken, quail, duck, turkey (around Thanksgiving)

You can purchase local Saudi, American, New Zealand and Australian meat.

Eggs: chicken, quail

I don’t know about you, but where we are from quail eggs would be super expensive. Here they are relatively cheap. Since my kids never finish a whole chicken egg, we buy a pack of 15 quail eggs for 10 Sar, about $3. They can eat up to 5 in one sitting! Photo below is of quail eggs.

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